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What Is Rock Boarding?



As Adrenalists, we revel in the idea that the world is our playground, but should that playground have limits? Should we only be able to bike on asphalt, run on Olympic-grade, acrylic tracks, and ski or snowboard on snow? Of course not (remember our piece on sandboarding?).

As long as we respect nature, our capacity to discover and create shouldn’t be limited. With that in mind, we present one of the most inventive and dangerous extreme sports: rock boarding. It’s just what it sounds like; rock boarding consists of strapping on a particularly durable snowboard or set of skis and plowing down a mountain or hill coated with loads of jagged little rocks. Enthusiasts love it for its intensity. If you thought traversing slopes and icy patches were tough, think about the boundless opportunities for head over heels falls when fighting to keep your balance on ground covered entirely by loose stones.

Corroborated by the language spoken in the video, rock boarding is more of a central European trend at the moment (yearly races are held in Kandersteg, Switzerland, according to but who’s to say it can’t spread to North America?

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