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Who Is Team Extreme?



Not getting enough extreme sport spectating in your life? Maybe you are, but you’re not satisfied with the amount of hands-on BMX or skateboard training you find yourself receiving? In either case, Team Extreme (TE) is here to fill each and every one of your thrill-seeking needs. They may even create some new ones you didn’t know you had and fill those too.

Established in 1988, Team Extreme is a UK-based group of BMX, skateboard, inline skating and soccer experts, each of whom travel extensively, performing stunt show spectaculars and providing coaching for those looking to become proficient in the various sports the team’s members dominate. Recently, Team Extreme athletes have begun motivational speaking too.

We think it’s awesome to see such a talented cohort making a living doing what they love while using the allure of their jobs to command a broad audience, the members of which benefit from the skills and values TE imparts. For the good of extreme sports, for entertainment’s sake and to keep healthy doses of inspiration and aspiration in kids’ hearts and minds, we need more organizations like Team Extreme.

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