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Jump Off a Cliff And Fly



 Almost every hypothetical conversation about superpowers begins and ends with human flight, and it makes sense.

If you could fly, life would be better. Think about it. You could save a child from a burning skyscraper and buzz over hours of gridlock all in the blink of an eye. That would be incredible.

But if you’re not superhuman and the red cape you bought just kind of flops to one side when you jump up in the air, don’t give up hope. Buy (or rent) a wingsuit and go BASE jumping.

With extra material forming a web between fliers’ arms and legs, suits provide an added surface area that enables wearers to experience lift and hang time otherwise achieved through millions of dollars in special effects or dreams. A parachute pack will keep you from being violently reacquainted with mortality once the ride is over.

Still, you probably shouldn’t try to save someone from a burning building. Gliding over crowded freeways also seems like it might end poorly.

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