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Wingsuit Stunts Above Austria



Never mind that you probably don’t speak German. This video needs no subtitles.

On May 9, seven aircrafts and five members of the Red Bull Skydive Team mixed in the skies above Austria, choreographing a dangerous stunt that’s being billed as a first of its kind.

The basic ingredients: two Blanik gliders racing 180 km per hour at an elevation of 4,000 meters, five wingsuit pilots falling through the skies in their pursuit and a pair of aircraft sent aloft to document the stunt.

The proof is in the footage, which shows the jumpers flying just feet from the wingtips of the racing gliders. If you can’t see it in the video, one of the gliders flies upside down, sandwiching the wingsuiters between the gaze of the two glider pilots. The wingsuiters could even look the glider pilots “straight in the eye,” they tell the Daily Mail.

Talk about a tight-knit formation.

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