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75-Yard Lacrosse Goal



Those long poles defenders use in lacrosse are some of the cooler pieces of equipment in sports, and though they don’t usually result in many goals, they do have that potential: their length basically makes them handheld catapults. In this lax game, a defender does just that at the very end of the first quarter, hurling the ball 75-yards away and over the head of the goalie.

What’s even more remarkable than the distance here is the accuracy: lacrosse goals are relatively small and oddly shaped, like upside-down triangles, and to hit the mark from that far away requires a tremendous amount of precision (and luck, of course). Long-stick defenders are limited in their offensive potential by the fact that it’s hard to cradle and advance the ball without having it chopped out of one’s hands, since the stick provides such a large target. Maybe full-court shots are the best ways a defender can score?

I think they call strikes like this, “death from above.”

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