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River Surfing In Munich



Can’t get enough snowboarding, but stranded in the Gobi Desert? Give sandboarding in Egypt a go. Dream about motocross, but stuck with a ten speed? Pedal faster. Love bungee jumping, but can’t find a bridge? A top bunk will do. If you’re truly extreme, you’ll find a way to live on the edge — no matter what your surroundings.

That’s exactly what these adventurous young surfers have done, gearing up in full wetsuit-wear and taking to a raging river in Munich, Germany. Known more for its beer steins and glockenspiels than its waves, Munich’s dearth of beachside territory would likely leave many a wayward surfer disappointed, but these committed adrenalists let passion be their guide and discovered a pretty incredible (and, by the looks of it, difficult) ocean alternative in the process.

Plus, no sharks… which is, you know, nice.

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