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Storm Surfers 3D Trailer



Have you ever glanced at the ocean as a thunder storm bears down on the mainland? Sometimes the waves are so outrageous you’d think only a youthful young maniac would ever dare to challenge them. This is Mother Nature at her most dangerous. The adrenaline-chasing Aussie pair starring in Storm Surfers 3D, however, traveled the world at a ripe, old age, years past their surfing primes, to find the most incredible waves the earth could produce. Then, they tried to surf them, and filmed the whole thing in 3D. Ross Clarke-Jones is a 46 year-old, tow-surfing pioneer and big-wave legend and Tom Carroll, who is turning 52 later this year, was a two-time surfing champion in the 80s.

The Sydney, Australia-based pair have been life-long friends, born out of the audacious waves they both rode in the 80s on the pro circuit. To help them in their pursuit for the best waves, weather not permitting, they enlisted the help of surf-forecasting meterologist, Ben Matson. Co-directors Justin McMillan and Chris Nelius filmed it all, as it happened, in one very long surf season Down Under.

The story told is rife with drama. Carroll faces down Grandfather Time when turning 50, and Clarke-Jones’ surfing adage, No Fear, is put to the test when violent waves and weather threaten not just the 3D filming equipment but his very life. Their voyage’s apogee is when they attack the previously unsurfed monstrosity that is the Turtle Dove Shoals. Found just a scant 50 miles off the coast of Western Australia in the throbbing and unrelenting Indian Ocean, Turtle Dove Shoals is a surfing legend, so it’s only fitting as the film’s tense climax.

The pair also travel south of Tasmania so Clarke-Jones can do battle with huge waves at Shipsterns Bluff and to the famous Hawaiian Pipeline where Carroll surfs with 11-time World Champion, Kelly Slater. They battle incredible waves in and around their native Australia, and beyond, following the scattered blips of Ben’s weather-tracking instruments to surf the biggest, baddest waves the world has ever seen. And you can watch it in 3D, so when one of them wipes out, you can feel the crash of the surf in your very bones.

Throughout it all they must confront their advanced age and their beaten bodys’ ability to handle the violence of our planet’s oceans — untamed by the forces of man. These two are, without any inkling of doubt, at the very peak of the Adrenalist lifestyle.

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