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Exploring A Fort Lauderdale Reef



There is a reason why snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing and the like often take place in such remote and unseen locales. Extreme sports have as much to do with exploration as anything else. The difficulty in these types of landscapes and environments are second to none, but adventurers also seek these locations out because there is a certain thrill in being somewhere that very few people have been before.

That’s what makes these undertakings extreme, even getting there is hard.

In that way, scuba diving is one of the most extreme sports there is, because it takes you deep down into a place that very few people ever see, much less with this kind of clarity and closeness. Here, we have divers exploring a Fort Lauderdale reef, scoping out the colorful sea-life and remarkable coral formations, which rival any landed mountain range for their beauty. It’s practically glowing, which ups the ante. Let’s face it, there are few things more surreal than a coral reef.

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