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Motocross Racing In First Person



Motocross racing is intense.

In less than 30 seconds, multiple riders go down right at the beginning of the race, losing their bikes and flopping on the ground. The other riders swerve and cut away from them to make sure they don’t run them over. Meanwhile, other guys are catching air off jumps positioned right in the middle of the course, and riders keep following.

The constant falls and rough terrain of the course mean that the racing itself alternates between full-speed drag-riding down straightaways and herky-jerky, stop-and-start driving around curves and obstacles. Such variety makes the riding even more dynamic, and it’s nothing if not entertaining to watch. The end, though, is the best: 2 feet from the finish line, our first-person driver stalls out. Once he gets his bike back up, it ends up somewhere you might not expect.

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