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Kitesurfing With Dolphins



In case you didn’t know, dolphins love to play. They’re a largely social group that travel in pods of up to 12 dolphins at a time. Their snouts will often come up to anchored boats to say hi, and their flukes allow them to propel through the water at incredible speed, as well as jump above the surface in unison with their pod. A dolphin’s dorsal fin can sometimes even resemble a waving human hand. That’s what’s so great about the video above.

You don’t even need to look carefully, and you’ll see a lively group of kitesurfers traversing the wake of the boat where the cameraman sits filming. Swimming beside the kitesurfers is a group of dolphins. Now there’s nothing overt about the dolphins’ behavior aside from their genial personalities and carefree attitude. It must have been an incredible rush for the kitesurfers to have the happy encounter.

There’s nothing like sharing the ocean with its more extroverted denizens to bring a smile to any ocean-dwelling countenance. Dolphins are just fun, and when combined with kitesurfing, it’s Adrenalist fun in conjunction with one of the happiest mammals in nature.

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