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Hovding Invisible Bike Helmet



With their instant trigger mechanism and rapid inflation, airbags have saved many a life in car crashes. What if Adrenalists could use this same technology for protection on a different type of vehicle… a bike, perhaps?

Thanks to the experts at Hovding, they can. In the process of completing their industrial design master’s thesis, inventors Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin devised a never-before-seen bicycle helmet: a fabric collar worn around the  neck that contains a durable, nylon airbag, shaped like a hood. In the event of a crash or accident, battery-powered sensors inside the collar pick up on abnormal movements and send a signal to a tiny gas inflator, ensuring the airbag fully inflates in about o.1 seconds to surround and protect the cyclist’s head before impact. The airbag maintains pressure for several seconds in order to protect against multiple impacts to the head before deflating.

The invisible helmet is turned on and off using a snap fastener in the front of the collar and features a plastic battery life indicator complete with a micro USB port for charging.

The contraption is safe, ergonomic and practical to carry around. Haven’t you wished for the day you could head out for a ride without a huge, bulky piece of plastic on your head? With the Hovding Invisible Bike Helmet, you will be unencumbered, whether you’re speeding past traffic on a long, urban ride or trying your wheels on some backcountry terrain.

Get yours for $600.

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