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Varibike: The bike you pedal with your hands



Normally, riding a bike means a lower-body workout, but with the Varibike, you can get a lot more out of your daily ride.

The Varibike works every muscle in your body, even your arms. Take a look at the video to see the Varibike’s unique selling point – it enables you to pump the wheels faster using your arms. Thank the high-tech sprung handlebars, which sit on a front fork angled toward the rider. The manufacturer describes the handlebars as, “the innovative core of the vari-steering experience.”

The ability to use them gives you a more thorough workout. In addition, the “inclination steering” boosts your sense of balance, which adds that you can vary how you generate power, using your arms or legs more for selective exercise. The alternating technique means your individual muscle groups can recover and regenerate during your ride. That pans out as more endurance because your musculature becomes over-oxygenated less easily.

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