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Most Durable Long Distance Running Shoes



Rugged terrain puts you in need of equally durable running shoes, and these are the best of the best.

The perfect long distance running shoe offers lightweight protection while allowing you to get you over, through and around any hurdle that dares get in your way. As you head down the road or off the beaten trail, these long distance running shoes will make sure you are performing at maximum levels.

Here are the most durable long distance running shoes.

Saucony Men's Hattori All-Weather Minimalist Running Shoe

Saucony Men’s Hattori All-Weather Minimalist Running Shoe – $68

Saucony is one of the biggest names in the running shoe scene. The company’s reputation rests on years of scrutinizing top athletes’ biomechanics in a bid to build kicks that maximize your performance. Saucony’s all-weather barefoot runners promise to keep you light on your feet mile after mile – whatever the weather. The super-tough sneakers feature a water-resistant synthetic and breathable textile that comes in a minimal barefoot style. So you should be able to keep bowling along, shielded from the chill, amid drizzle or even a downpour. The durable running shoes take you as close as you can get to running barefoot with enough protection from the road and the elements. Together, the mitten-like “toe box” and sole with built-in “flex grooves” let your foot move naturally and comfortably when the combined forces of Mother Nature and fatigue threaten to trip you up. The exceptional traction comes without sacrificing durability, and the price is surprisingly reasonable.

Under Armour Spine Reflective Storm Running Shoes

Under Armour Spine Reflective Storm Running Shoes – $90

The Under Armour Spine Reflective Storm Running Shoes may well be the most expertly-engineered in this stiffly competitive list. Under Armour Storm footwear deploys “P2i technology” to stave off water without sabotaging breathability or adding weight. “UA Spine chassis technology” generates a deliciously light, flexible feel without undermining stability. Other perks include the “ripstop”, water-resistant upper and the solid rubber outsole designed to afford full ground contact and top-class traction, while carbon rubber lends the heel durability. Oh, and let’s not forget the 360 degree reflective material meant to make you more visible during low-light long distance runs. Impressively high-tech. Great support and great construction on make this shoe a winner. Whatever the weather – storms welcome – and regardless of lighting conditions. Extraordinarily, the shoes take a cue from some of the most dynamic motion systems in nature: starting with the human spine.

Adidas Supernova Glide 5 ATR

Adidas Supernova Glide 5 ATR – $115

The Adidas Supernova Glide 5 kicks are designed to keep you on track when the going gets rough. In fact, the high-mileage, durable running shoes are built to help you tackle the grittiest of runs. The shoes boast a weather-resistant upper and a trail-ready outsole to help stave off the elements. “When you don’t know what to expect, look to the Supernova Glide ATR and be ready for anything,” the tagline says. Stability attributes include an independent “crash pad” and a plastic shank for extra midfoot support. The upper uses active “for motion” technology designed to supply stretch as your foot moves through the gait-cycle. Another perk – the high-tech rubber outsole – provides improved traction over any terrain and even in wet conditions. Plus, the shoes are said to be comfy. Should you start getting seriously sweaty, the breathable air mesh should lower your temperature a little.

La Sportiva Ultra Raptor

La Sportiva Ultra Raptor – $104

The tremendously named La Sportiva Ultra Raptor is touted as the perfect shoe for the adventurous runner who ventures off the beaten path. Half the attraction lies in the cushioning you need for day-long stints on the trail. In addition, an original feature – a “flexible rock plate” saves your foot from nasty surprises, potentially preventing many an athlete from spraining their ankle or taking a tumble. The “aggressive outsole”, which makes these shoes sound as if they are alive, is designed to help you race over technical and stony terrain. Meanwhile, the wicking mesh upper should keep you cool. Your Raptors should enable you to tackle just about any surface imaginable except maybe brass tacks. You can wear your La Sportiva Ultra Raptors off-road, along distance trails, and even on ultra-marathon contests. “The Ultra Raptors gripped on rocky and slick terrain and softened impact better than any other trail shoes we tested,” reports Backpacker magazine [], adding that the slip-resisting kicks enable a dramatic increase in your trail-run stride.

Merrell Mix Master Tuff

Merrell Mix Master Tuff – $120

The name of these shoes conjures up the image of a kitchen blender. If you put some into one you might find that they come out unscathed. These Merrell Mix Master Tuff kicks sport a rugged build meant to make them ready to mix it up with technical and nasty conditions. Read rocky terrain and savage weather. According to the manufacturer, while the chunky upper shields your foot from trail hazards, the outsole “lugs” generate sensational traction on a range of terrain types. A burly pair of Mix Master Tuffs occupies the edgy middle ground between a running shoe and a lightweight hiking boot. Unless you make a habit of slogging through swamp and across razor-sharp scree, these shoes should last. The manufacturer describes them as “tough-as-nails” – capable of conquering the most challenging terrain. Unusually, the shoes, which are part of the “Outventure range”, also cater to the yuk factor – foot odor through an antimicrobial treatment. The EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) insole is said to provide both comfort and shock absorption. Versatile.

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