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And you thought running a marathon was hardcore. At 3am on Saturday, 634 runners checked in for the Leadville Trail 100 Run – an annual 103-mile race that starts and ends in the tiny mining town of Leadville, Colorado. At 4am, the runners were off, wearing headlamps and pushing out of town and around the shore of massive Turquoise Lake, past the treeline and nearly to the top of Mount Elbert – the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains. The air is thin at the Leadville 100 and the race is long; historically, less than 50 percent of runners make it to the finish line. This year, 347 racers crossed before the 30-hour cut off time. Women’s division winner and Leadville local Lynette Clemons finished well before then, crossing the tape at 19:59:06. Men’s winner, South African Ryan Sandes, finished at 16:46:54. But maybe no racer is a bigger winner than Bahram Akradi. According to the race’s official Twitter account, the 50-something Minnesota man finished at 30:45:10, earning the prestigious “Last Ass Over the Pass” award. Check out the above video of 2007 Leadville 100 winner Anton Krupicka.

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