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30 Mile Dive: Undersea from Catalina to L.A.



30-MILE-DIVE from GLOBAL REEF on Vimeo.

Looking out over the Pacific on a typical day in Los Angeles, Catalina Island appears as a deep blue paint smudge hovering above the horizon. According to Wikipedia, the island is 22 miles from the closest point on the mainland. Retired combat diver Scott Cassell is going to make it an even 30, and on September 17 he’s going to scuba the entire distance at a depth of about 20-feet without taking a break – at least not above the surface. Cassell’s crew — which is filming the attempt to raise awareness about the decimation of the oceans — will bring along a “flexible dive bell” that will allow Cassell to take snack breaks underwater. The bell can also be used to shield Cassell from an attacking great white or 5-foot-long Humboldt squid. The swim should take about 24 hours. If Cassell succeeds, the sense of accomplishment should last long after that. Learn more about Cassell’s wild attempt here (

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