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Powerbreather Preview



Powerbreather Preview

Swimmers are about to meet the next generation in snorkels and underwater breathing, by way of an odd-looking new apparatus known as the Powerbreather. Looking like something out of a Star Wars movie, the souped-up snorkel wraps around the wearer’s head, with the air intake fitting snugly into the mouth. There’s a valve built into the rear of the device, the part that covers the back of the wearer’s head, which allows for fresh air to be taken in. The Powerbreather isn’t meant for diving, of course, but the rear-mounted air valve allows a surface swimmer to continue breathing without turning his or her head. The streamlined design makes the Powerbreather more of a viable option for competitive swimmers, since traditional snorkels are comparatively cumbersome. Even if you can’t use one in an actual competition, the Powerbreather is a good choice for training days since it cuts down on the neck strain developed from constantly turning your head to breathe. There’s no price or release date yet, so just keep watching the official website for updates.

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