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30 Skiers, 1 Backflip: Say Goodbye To Winter With This World Record



30 skiers, 1 Backflip: the perfect feat to cheers goodbye to the winter Adrenalist season.

As winter fades in the U.S. and most of the Northern Hemisphere, 30 skiers decided it was their turn for a place in history. This week, the skiers met up at Mont-Saint Sauveur in Quebec, Canada, to conquer a new world record. Except this record has probably never been set before: a simultaneous, hand-in-hand backflip with 30 skiers at the same time.

Freestyle skiing world champion Mikaël Kingsbury led the charge, recruiting 29 backflip-experienced skiers and building a jump perfectly-designed for the flip. The group failed on their first attempt as the human chain fell apart mid-flip. But on the second try the skiers made history, landing the amazing backflip seen in the video above.

What’s next? The crew is looking to get officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. “Official” world record or not, this backflip is definitely a proper Adrenalist toast to winter 2012-13.

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