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Revolights aim to revolutionize late night cycling safety



Standard bike lights don’t always provide the illumination and safety needed for late night riding, but Revolights aims to create a better solution.

Revolights, a Northern California startup, has developed a cycling safety system consisting of LED lights which mount directly to the front and rear wheels of a bicycle. Unlike traditional cycling lights that shine light on a single spot, it throws a wide and even arc, providing a larger field of view for the rider. The Revolights lighting system is made up of four narrow rings of LEDs, two white and two red, which mount to your bike’s front and back wheels. Lithium-ion batteries, bracket-mounted to the front and rear hub, transmit power to the LEDs.

With Revolights, cyclists get a much clearer view of the ground, road signs and any tricky obstacles lurking in the dark. Additionally, the system makes you easier to see by motorists, pedestrians and other bikers.

The system retails at $250. Ensure you pick the right size for your wheel rim and enjoy the ride.

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