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Best Baseball Trick Videos



It’s spring time once again and baseball is in full swing across the U.S. The American pastime is known for its deep roots and rich tradition, but that hasn’t stopped some from innovating new ways to catch and hit baseballs. We’ve showed you how to throw a faster pitch, now check out the best baseball trick videos below.

Here are the best Baseball Trick videos.

What’s even harder than throwing a ball behind your legs and around your back at moving targets? Hitting it with a bat. Professional baseball players are prized for their ability to direct hits at different areas of the field, and it’s a thing that most people, even very good baseball players, cannot do; right-handed hitters often pull it left and left-handed hitters pull it right. The Adrenalist in this baseball trick video, however, seems to be able to hit the ball just about wherever he wants, and at whatever target he wants, no matter how small. He arcs it into little pockets of nets, hits garbage cans that are 100-yards away, and ricochets the ball off of multiple nets into garbage cans. Baseball tricks? More like an astounding degree of bat control that is on another level of skill entirely.

Nothing says you can’t mix a couple of different sports for your trick shot videos, and these dudes decided to add some basketball flair to the baseball field. The hoop provides a constant object as they hurl balls from all over, and they manage to throw basketballs baseball-style into some very difficult targets, which is remarkable considering how much bigger a basketball is than a baseball. In addition to those exploits, they also show amazing control over how and where they throw the baseball, not to mention hitting it – doesn’t get much more impressive than the ability to hit the ball into a water bottle sitting along the baseline. As you might expect, they save the best for last: one of the guys hits a basketball off of a tee a long way into the hoop.

One of the hardest parts of baseball is fielding a groundball, bouncing in who knows what way, and then slinging it across the field to whatever base you’re trying to reach. Watching this video, you’d have no idea that was difficult at all. These guys manage to throw the ball between their legs, around their backs, with weird hand-holds; pretty much any way you could imagine a ball being thrown, it happens here. In addition to that, they incorporate elements of other sports into their routines, including foot juggling from soccer. They catch the ball barehanded, which, on its own, is somewhere between amazing and insane.

This is baseball’s version of the classic arcade game Pong. In this baseball video, the hitter has impeccable timing, skill, patience - not to mention a considerable knowledge of angles - to pull this one off. With four perfectly-positioned nets across the bases on the baseball field, he gets into a steady rhythm of hitting the ball with his bat at just the precise moment to send it zooming and zig-zagging back across the field. The second net to the left is his sweet spot and he sends the ball back to the exact corner at the right moment to keep this real-life Pong game going. He then adds a second baseball and maintains this jaw-dropping baseball juggling feat for an impressive stretch in time: the feat clocks in at just under a minute and 19 lightning-quick swings of the bat. The synchronicity and the laser-sharp precision is truly amazing.

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