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Bring Your Gadgets Home For The Holidays



Traveling light isn’t a huge deal thanks to the many pint-sized gadgets and gizmos we have to play with these days, but keeping the juice flowing to your various tech toys can be a pain, especially when you’re away from home.

Traveling with a power strip is never a bad idea, but Restoration Hardware’s Roll Up Travel Charger is designed to specifically address the needs of the gadget-toting jetsetter.

Why fumble with a half-dozen knotted charging cables when you can roll up four of the most commonly used connectors into a single-plug package. I mean “roll up” in the literal sense here; a polyurethane mat wraps around the whole contraption, keeping your dangling cords safe when you’re on the go.

You can charge up to four devices simultaneously using just one outlet; the Travel Charger includes adapters for iPhone, Mini USB, Micro USB and Samsung devices. All for just $50, though it’s on sale for $33.99.

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