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Helios GPS Handlebars Transform Your Ride into a Smart Bike



With Helios handlebars, your average ride can evolve into a high-tech smart bike.

The new Helios handlebars bring your bike into the 21st century with GPS technology. The company’s mission began with the simple idea that bikes should be more visible on the road. Helios handlebars were first installed with an integrated lighting system, supported with powerful LED lights and a rear headlight. The lights feature flashing turn signals and ambient glow of your color choice.

Helios didn’t stop at adding lights, though. Now, the handlebars are outfitted with GPS. “Helios Bars are made with visibility, strength and sleekness in mind. We are the only handlebars on the market that tastefully combine all three in a way that complements your style and keeps you safe at the same time,” Helios reports on their site. These handlebars can track your bike via SMS from anywhere in the world. You get your bike’s coordinates and a Google Maps link to its position within 30 seconds of tracking.

The GPS handlebars let you program and follow your route wherever you go. Who says you need a car to travel to new destinations? The high-tech handlebars also come in handy if someone decides to walk off with your bike, as its location is always available to you with the Helios App.

The Helios App allows you to connect to your smart bike with your phone. Bluetooth 4.0 lets you check out stats on an LED speedometer and control the lights on the bars. It also senses when you’re approaching your smart bike, so headlights turn on accordingly.

Helios GPS handlebars have a reserve battery that lasts up to 15 days, so even if a thief snatches your batteries, you can still track your smart bike: good for peace of mind.

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