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Wounded Vets Take the Normandy Challenge



Six days. 400 miles. 147 wounded vets – some double amputees – peddling through the World War II battlefields of Northern France. The program is called Ride 2 Recovery. The race is the Normandy Challenge. There are no losers. Getting to the starting line is victory enough for riders like Spc. Matthew Cooke, who took bullets to the head, back and groin during the 2009 attack on Fort Hood. Ret. Army Sgt. Nathan Hunt, another rider, lost both of his legs while serving in Iraq. The ride starts June 2, just a few miles from D-Day landing sites Utah and Omaha beach. It ends June 7 in Lisieux, where Tour de France racers will cross the stage 6 finish line just hours later. It won’t be difficult to tell who the real heroes are. They’ll be the riders cheering behind the tape.

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