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Make Your Own Bike In Seconds Flat: SandwichBikes



The bicycle is the favorite vehicle of many adventure-seeking Adrenalists. Its various components, however, make it moderately difficult to pick one up in-person or make your own bike. They’re too big and unwieldy to ship, and the average person is in no position to assemble a complicated, modern-day bicycle. Seven years ago, however, Dutch design company, Bleijh, came up with the Sandwich Bike concept. They wanted to make their product creed simple: if you can make a sandwich, you can make your own bike. Designers, Basten Leijh and Pieter Janssen, spent the ensuing years tinkering with the idea and model. Now, it’s finally ready to be seen by the public.

The design itself is an ingenious simplification of the bike-building process, as it’s delivered to your door in a flat-packed box. The irregular-designed bike finds its shape in two pieces of pressed plywood. Those pieces are then connected by a set of custom-made components with a conventional single speed drivetrain. We chose wood because we think it suits the concept and it feels friendly. But it’s not a wooden bicycle, it is a flat-packaged, home assembly bicycle,“ Sandwich Bike design team member and engineer, Ite Kingma, told Cool HuntingThe ability to actually build your own bike allows you to understand the bicycle in a way your peers won’t. Plus, it’s fun, easier to build than your standard single-gear bike and ecologically friendly with no waste.

May is National Bike Month, so what better time to pre-order a SandwichBike? SandwichBike shipments are set to go out in late 2013. Sign up for your sandwich bike now, and change the way you ride. You’re going to ride in style and enjoy your smooth ride even more knowing you were the person made this bike hit the pavement.

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