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Sarah Outen Rows Across The Indian Ocean



Captain Scott, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Ferdinand Magellan, it’s not crazy to think that Sarah Outen will some day be mentioned alongside these great adventurers. But, “who is she,” you ask? ”What has she explored and why does she deserve such an honor?”

Well, Outen’s accomplished some small things here and there. Things like rowing for 124 days, 14 hours and 9 minutes to become the first woman (and fourth person) to cross the Indian Ocean completely solo. Tiny stuff like that.

Or, um, we don’t know, in 2011 she launched a 20,000 mile, 2-and-a-half-year, around the world expedition where she’ll be rowing, cycling and kayaking her way across Europe, Asia, America, Canada, the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans. Not a big deal, we know.

Oh, did we mention that Outen raises money while doing all this? Well, she does. Her Indian Ocean jaunt stirred up more than 30,000 pounds for two different arthritis charities and, by all accounts, her “London to London: Via the World” trip is set to trump that number big time. Hmm, what else can we tell you? Outen’s a fellow at the Royal Geographical Society. She’s got three Guinness World Records. She’s written a book about her exploits; a book that’s sold thousands of copies. She’s also only 26 years old.

Alright, so we’ve proven our point. Sarah Outen’s really impressive and a role model for men and women alike. Yes, all that’s true, but there’s more to it.

There’s something about seeing her in this video, in action, sitting in the cabin of her tiny little ship as she traverses the seas completely alone. The stuffed bear hanging from the cabin roof that barely allows her to sit up straight, the pictures that decorate the walls, the world she’s bravely created; that’s what really gets us. Being an adrenalist is about going for it, even if it means you’re totally alone in your pursuits. Sarah Outen’s someone who gets that, do you?

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