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Hydraulic Climbing Walls Are Changing The Climbing World



If the routes at your local climbing gym feel stale, hydraulic climbing walls are the answer to all your climbing needs.

Hydraulic climbing walls are poised to change the future of indoor climbing gyms across the world, and make sure your climbing challenges never get stale. These climbing walls are boulders and walls that shift shapes and angles using hydraulic machinery to create changeable, customizable angles and heights. This technology has already made it from the prototype phase into a couple of cutting-edge gyms around the country. Soon enough, though, every local gym may have one of these walls. Climbers could conceivably be ordering up their desired angle or shape with the press of a button. Never again will climbing walls make you feel like you’re at a climbed-out spot where you know every mark and hold by heart. More likely, you’ll feel like you’re visiting a new bouldering area each time you hit a gym with hydraulic climbing walls.

Stay tuned and, before you know it, your gym may have its very own hydraulic climbing walls for you to attack. If you have a chance to test these in action at gyms like Sender One, we want to see your photos or videos. Send to us @DegreeMen.

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