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Highest Rope Swing Ever Ends With Stunning Freefall



Nothing is more exhilarating than swinging from a thin sliver of rope thousands of feet above the Earth. That is, unless you’re Alexander Polli, who decided cutting away from that rope and free falling to the ground was a much more interesting stunt.

You’ve seen the largest rope swing and possibly the world’s most insane rope swing, now check out the highest rope swing ever. When you think rope swings, you may not immediately assume we’re talking about swinging from a 3,000-foot-high rock face. That’s over half a mile up in the air. Notorious wingsuiter, Alexander Polli, brought along Julien Millot on his latest high-flying adventure. In the video above, Polli and Millot create what they call the highest rope swing ever and then send themselves flying over a gap so large, you can barely see from one side to the other, much less to the bottom. As these Adrenalists swing around the area between the rock walls, they detach from their harness and come back down to Earth in style.

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