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Elite Boxing Workouts You Can Do At Home



DO:MORE With These Workouts

Boxing is the toughest sport out there, according to an ESPN study done on all sports. Naturally, a sport this tough can give you a serious workout and make you tough as nails. The best part is you don’t need an expensive gym membership or a personal trainer to get the full benefits of a boxing workout. We’ve taught you the beginner boxing basics, now you can check out these training tips to get in shape. Here are 2 elite boxing workouts you can do at home with just a few pieces of equipment.

Boxing Workout 1: Cardio + Strength Training

Equipment Needed: Professional plastic speed rope, 9 lb. medicine ball

In this circuit you will hit nine stations, alternating between Cardio and Weighted stations (ex. Cardio 1, Weighted 1, Cardio 2, Weighted 2, Cardio 3, etc.). You will start out with one minute at each station. Do this circuit three times to start and bump up to four by the second week. As you gain more endurance and strength you will be able to add another circuit to your workout.

Cardio Stations:

Jump rope: Hit the rope for one-minute intervals for some intense cardio. Bump up to two-minute intervals if you are experienced or have gone through a week or two of conditioning.

One-Two Punch: Use the basic boxing one-two punch combination in one-minute intervals and then bump up to two-minute intervals after a week or two. You should throw consecutive one-twos the entire time.

Weighted Stations:

In between each cardio station, you choose one of the 6 weighted exercises below. Be sure to switch up the exercises you try throughout your circuits.

Lunges: Bring the medicine ball out in front of you with both arms, and as you lunge forward on one foot, rotate your arms and shoulders toward the leg that is stepping out. This will create a twist from your core. As you come back to standing position, bring ball back out in front of you. Repeat on the other side. Do 10-15 sets depending on strength and bump up as you get stronger.

Squats: One of the most simple but effective exercises. As with lunges, hold the ball out with both arms. As you squat, you will bring the ball up above your head. As you come back up, you will bring the ball back out straight in front of you. Do 10-15 sets depending on your strength. Bump that number up as you get stronger.

Tricep Extension: Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Take the medicine ball with both hands on the sides and bring directly up above head. Keep your elbows close to ears as you lower medicine ball directly behind your head, only bending your elbows. This will work your triceps. Do 15-20 reps to start.

Chest press: In the same standing position take ball and bring to your chest. Push the ball directly up from chest above your head and back down to chest. Do 20-30 reps to start.

Push-ups: Using classic Boxer push-ups to build strength (you can do these push ups off of a bed, couch or chair), keep your hands at edge of the furniture, keep your elbows close to your sides and come down almost touching your chest on the furniture. Do 5-15 reps.

Crunches: Lie down on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place your hands lightly behind your neck and crunch up slowly and controlled. Do not pull on your neck and make sure to keep your chin pointing up to the ceiling, never let it touch your chest. You can also bring your feet off of the ground with knees bent and twist your torso to touch your right elbow to your left knee. Alternate left and right while pushing out the opposite leg into a straightened position horizontal to the floor. Do 25 reps to start.

Planks: Face down, forearms, elbows and toes on the mat. Lift your body in a straight plane plank position. Hold the plank for 15 seconds. Do 4 sets to start.

Boxing Workout 2: Hit the Punching Bag

Equipment Needed: Free-standing heavy bag, Training gloves (size 14 or 16 oz depending on hand size for men), Mexican style hand wraps, Professional plastic speed rope, Personal boxing timer

If you already have a punching bag at home and the proper gear listed below, you can kick it up a notch with the following workout:

You are going to do a 30-minute workout which will include jumping rope, hitting the heavy bag, some leg work and even some push-ups. Turn on that personal boxing timer and set it for two minute rounds and thirty second rests. You can use a stop watch as well.

Warm-Up and Prep: First, warm up on the jump rope for two minutes. Wrap up your hands while you are doing mini squats, because time is precious. Since you are just starting out, you will take a 30-second break after ever two minute interval. After your first round on the bag, you will understand why.

Now for 12 rounds on the heavy bag.

  • Round One: Get into your boxing stance and stand arms length from the bag. Chin down and hands up. Start with the simple jab on the bag for about thirty seconds, and then get into the one-two. Work on the one-two for another minute and thirty seconds. Rest thirty seconds.
  • Round Two: Start right away with the jab and intermittently throw the one-two. Work on this for the 2 minute round while making sure to have proper form. If you don’t have the technique, you won’t get the physique. Rest thirty seconds.
  • Round Three: Jump rope.
  • Round Four: You are going to do walking lunges around the heavy bag. Make sure your knee does not pass your toe when lunging, when you come back to a standing position, do a straight kickback with the same leg you lunged with, alternate this until the bell rings. Rest thirty seconds.
  • Round Five: Back on the heavy bag. For a minute and thirty seconds throw the basic jab and one-two. For the last thirty seconds of the round throw continuous one-twos as you step around the bag. Left foot matches left hand and right foot matches right hand as you step around the bag. Rest thirty seconds.
  • Round Six: Grab that furniture to get going on your push-ups and dips. Alternate boxer push-ups with regular push-ups (elbows out wide). Do push-ups on the floor to build more strength. Do ten of each and then turn around with back toward furniture, grab edge and do dips, lowering your body down to the ground while keeping your legs straight. Do ten of these and then go back to the push ups. Alternate until the bell rings. Rest thirty seconds.
  • Round Seven: Jump rope.
  • Round Eight: Heavy bag. Repeat round five.
  • Round Nine: Repeat round four.
  • Round Ten: Jump rope. Try to jog in place as you jump rope.
  • Round Eleven: Repeat round six.
  • Round Twelve: Heavy bag. Repeat round two.

These 2 boxing workouts are perfect for the beginner boxer who hasn’t been able to hit the gym. Once these workouts feel like second nature, it’s time to scope out that gym membership while using these at-home boxing workouts as supplements.

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