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Elevation training mask simulates high-altitude workouts



Athletes who live and train at high altitudes have a huge advantage over their competition – now, with the elevation training mask, any athlete can train under these conditions without leaving the gym.

At higher altitudes, your body adapts to lower oxygen levels by by conditioning your lungs and creating pulmonary resistance. This strengthens your diaphragm, increasing your ability to process oxygen, which results in higher stamina. Normally, this type of training is only available to those near high mountains, but with the elevation training mask, athletes incapable of training on top of a mountain finally have a way to even the playing field.

The altitude-simulating training mask allows athletes to train as if they were breathing high-altitude air. Adjustable valves can be tweaked to mimic conditions at various heights, so cyclists and runners can slowly acclimatize to higher simulated altitudes, topping out at 12,000 feet. The mask has a simple construction – a nylon band keeps the breathing apparatus in place over the mouth.

Unlike some other performance enhancing techniques that have become quite popular, the Training Mask is fair, ethical and legal.

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