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Adam Billinghurst rides 1,000,000 vertical feet in 57 days



There are many ways a mountain biker can push themselves – Adam Billinghurst challenged himself by riding a total of 1,000,000 vertical feet, and he did so in a mere 57 days.

Over the course of 57 days, the BC native descended one million vertical feet of Whistler mountain bike lines. He completed 565 lower mountain laps, 169 Garbo laps, 2 Roundhouse laps, and 1 lap from the peak – a total haul equivalent to riding down Everest 48 times, and doing so in less than 2 months. For most riders, a feat of this magnitude would take three years.

“I’ve wanted to ride 1 million vertical feet in the bike park for almost 10 years now,” Billinghurst says. ”You don’t get to do a million of a lot of things. The things you do, you rarely think about: how many breaths you’ve taken, grains of rice you’ve eaten, said the word ‘and.’ It just seemed like a good number.”

Now, Billinghurst can add riding a million vertical feet to his list of “millions.”

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