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Archery Tag: The new sport that could replace paintball



Archery tag distinctively mixes the verve of paintball with the skillset of archery – for this extreme combination, your dexterity needs to be absolutely perfect.

Archery tag is as wild as it sounds. The latest extreme sport consists of two bow-wielding teams that battle to be the first to knock out all the centers of the opposition’s “5-spot” target using patented foam-tipped arrows. Inflatable bunkers pose an added strategic challenge, as competitors weave around them while trying to tag rivals out with well-aimed shots. A difficult feat, unless you excel at multitasking.

A match ends in one of three ways: if all of an opposing team’s members have been tagged out, all the 5-spots on an adversary’s target have been eliminated, or a set time limit has passed. If the match ends because the time has expired, the team with the fewest center-spots knocked out wins.

Get ready to get in touch with your inner archer. Archery tag is a great, high-adrenaline workout.

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