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Tyler McQuarrie takes second place at 2013 Formula Drift



Tyler McQuarrie’s mantra for the 2013 Formula Drift was simple: wreck it or win it – an attitude that secured him second place in the competition.

McQuarrie’s make-or-break attitude during 2013 Formula Drift brought him all they way to the finale of the competition, just before the “wreck it” portion of his promise became a reality. He planned on driving the wheels off his Camaro, and he did just that.

Thanks to the GoPro strapped to his car, we get a first-hand view of the sharp, lateral maneuvers involved in drift racing. Smoke churns up, as if the track is on fire, and the drivers swerve around and ahead of his rivals. Toward the sudden end of his winning streak, McQuarrie crosses the line in second place.

McQuarrie started racing karts when he was 14 and moved up to formula cars a few years later, going on to win two championships in the States. He eventually veered into NASCAR Southwest Tour, Sprint cars, Touring cars and Drifting, which is defined as “controlled oversteer.”

As McQuarrie demonstrates, physical strength, solid alertness and precision coordination are vital on the drift track.

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