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Football Training: Player Position Drills and Exercises



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Mental and Physical Benefits of Football

Learn how playing football can help your other sports and hobbies. The skills learned on the field carry over into all kinds of other sports, allowing you to DO:MORE no matter the situation.


- How toughness helps with Hockey and Basketball
- How hand-eye coordination helps with Baseball
- How agility helps with Tennis and Basketball


Football Training: Quarterback Drills and Exercises

Quarterback Drills and Exercises

The quarterback is as essential to the game of football as the field or the ball. The team’s success depends on your skills, so make sure your throws are on point.


- Proper throwing mechanics
- Quick deliveries
- Accuracy


Football Training: Runningback Drills and Exercises

Running Back Drills and Exercises

A running back is strong, fast, agile and instinctive. Develop the skills to move downfield against any defense and you’ll be a necessary component on the team.


- Ball security
- Smooth handoff exchange
- Picking up the blitz


Football Training: Wide Receiver Drills and Exercises

Wide Receiver Drills and Exercises

All wide receivers have a desire to get the ball in their hands. Unless you have the skills to get open, find the ball and march it into the end zone, however, you won’t be much help to your team. Hone your skills and put numbers on the board.


- Route-running
- Staying in bounds
- The Gauntlet


Football Training: Linebacker Drills and Exercises

Linebacker Drills and Exercises

As a linebacker, you should strike fear into your opponents. A linebacker is a solid wall of defense – learn how to become a formidable defender before your next game.


- Proper stance
- Shedding and scraping
- Open-field tackling


Football Training: Defensive Lineman Drills and Exercises

Defensive Lineman Drills and Exercises

The best defensive linemen push through their opponents and wreck havoc on the line of scrimmage. Without the proper practice however, even the most physically gifted players won’t make it on the field. Get a firm grasp on the fundamentals before your next game.


- Bull rush technique
- Push-pull technique
- Reading the play


Football Training: Offensive Lineman Drills and Exercises

Offensive Lineman Drills and Exercises

Football games are won on the line of scrimmage, but no position is as vital to opening up game-winning plays than the offensive lineman. Dominate the gridiron by practicing and honing your skills with these offensive lineman drills and exercises.


- First step, strike and dive
- Pass protection
- Pull Technique


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