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Boots That Anticipate The Weather



It can be tough to pack for icy weather conditions if you’re trying to travel light. Korkers has a nifty solution, however, to help you cut down on how much footwear you might need to bring along.

The company’s StormJack, SnowJack and IceJack boots offer three different styles, but they all come with the same waterproof leather exterior and Thinsulate insulation. More importantly, they all make use of Korkers’ OmniTrack 3.0 Interchangeable Sole System, allowing wearers to literally change the makeup of the boot bottoms based on the weather conditions.

Two outsoles are include: the SnowTrac Winter Rubber Lug and the IceTrac Studden Rubber Lug, the latter of which is fitted with 32 carbide studs to help you keep your footing on ice.

Pricing starts at $139.99 for the StormJack and goes all the way up to $199.99 for the IceJack.


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