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The Clymb’s Extreme Sports Deals Are Unrivaled



Score Extreme Sports Flash Deals At The Clymb

If you’re looking for bargains on outdoor gear in prime condition, you might want to visit the 72-hour flash deals site, The Clymb.

The Clymb network offers “insider pricing” on premium outdoor and active-lifestyle brands. Its team of industry specialists singles out the best gear and apparel on the market then steers you toward “pro-style” deals of up to 70% off retail. Membership is free, and the site lets users shape the community by inviting friends with a similar, outdoorsy outlook. The Clymb boasts 2.5 million members and was founded in 2009 by a veteran team of outdoor and sport sector participants.

The flash deals you can score through The Clymb run the gamut. Think everything from technical footwear and hydration essentials to mountain bike clothes and adventures in Machu Picchu. The site caters to a variety of extreme sports and outdoor sports, including surfing, climbing and more.

“Even if you don’t have a desire to sign up for a trek to climb Mount Everest, you should become a member. The site has a little something for everyone and, if it doesn’t, check back in 72 hours because the entire inventory will likely have changed,” Grind TV reports.

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