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Shaka Wind Meter Preview



Shaka Wind Meter Preview

With the summer’s intense heat just starting to settle in, Adrenalists who live close to a body of water, any body of water, are starting to mark off beach days, fishing trips and lakeside retreats on their calendars. For many water-based activities, wind speed and direction are ever-important considerations, and ones that the local weather forecast can only tell you so much about. How much easier it would be to simply record your own weather readings. Now, thanks to Shaka, all you need to do just that is a smartphone and the company’s soon-to-be-released $60 wind meter attachment.

Shaka’s wind meter is simple to use. Just plug it directly into your phone’s headphone jack, hold your mobile up and face it into the wind, letting the add-on’s little fan spin. The data gathered by the fan is sent through your headphone jack and into the associated app on your phone. Your measurements are then recorded for later comparison. You can also share them with your friends as well as with the larger Shaka-using community, with the end goal being a frequently updated, crowdsourced wind map.

Yet another way to turn your smartphone into an indispensible 21st century multi-tool.

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