The Adrenalist

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Wingsuit Close Shave



Typically, when we get ahold of footage of a wingsuiter threading the needle of a narrow geological feature, the pilot is an Adrenalist we’ve heard of. Jeb Corliss, Espen Fadnes, Jokke Sommer…

Very few humans have the flight experience required to pull off proximity stunts. This month we’ve gained at least one more.

Robert “Scotty-Bob” Morgan is his name, a relatively unknown flyer and former marine from Fairfax, VA. In the video above, Scotty-Bob and accomplice narrowly escape a high-speed splattering through the “Beehive Line” in Utah.

Like the best wingsuiters on earth, Scotty-Bob acts like he’s done it before. At YouTube, he describes the video in basic terms: “Just a bunch a dudes, tryin’ to be birds.”

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