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The Desert Challenge



As man gets stronger, endurance races get harder. The tracks we tread have to keep up. The Desert Challenge is one race circuit that’s certain to have many men beat.

Spanning several non-stop 100+ kilometer races over hot sands in 2014-2015, The Desert Challenge is poised to become one of the premiere ultramarathon circuits on earth.

So far, two legs have been announced. The first, TransArabia, is a 130-300 km race across Jordan, from The Dead Sea to the Red Sea. The course winds over the beautiful and boiling Wadi Rum, and through the rock-cut ancient city of Petra. It will take place November 23-29, 2014.

The second leg, TransOmania, is an exhausting 130-300 km nonstop race across Oman that will have runners dragging their feet through the dunes of the Wahiba Sands, an extensive desert that spans the oil-rich nation. TransOmania is set to take place January 26-31, 2015.

Both races offer tiered distances, from 130 to 300 kilometers, with cutoff times listed at 50 hours for the 130 km races, 75 hours for the 200 km races, and 100 hours for each 300 km race. For each 300 km race completed, participant will earn 4 points towards UTMB qualification.

Participants can also register for the 300 km distances in relay teams.

And this is just the beginning. Race organizers say an even more intense desert race is being planned as the third leg of the circuit. It is likely to leave even more men in the dust.

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