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Deslumbre: A Brazilian Surf Video



The Mentawai Islands in Indonesia are known for their waves. For centuries massive walls of water have smashed onto the island chain’s shores, most recently in 2010, when an earthquake in Sumatra caused a tsunami that devastated villages in the archipelago’s southern islands.

But most waves found in the Mentawais are more friendly, and over the years, the islands have become a surf mecca.

You can see why in “Deslumbre,” a 22-minute film produced by the Sourth Brazilian outfit Bulletree Filmes. Featuring surfers Alejo Muniz, Yago Dora, Miguel Pupo, Jesse Mendes, Samuel Pupo, Jean Da Silva and Adriano De Souza, “Deslumbre” provides shot after shot of varied species of perfect Indo waves.

“Deslumbre” was directed by Pablo Aguiar, and shot mostly on the Sony FS700, Red Epic, and 5D Mark III. You can follow Bulletree on Instagram at @bulletreefilmes.

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