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Best Slackline Videos



Slacklining challenges every aspect of balance and control an athlete has over their body, but mastery of the body means mastery of the line.

Slacklining is as intense to accomplish as it is to watch. Throw all sorts of tricks into the mix, and the occasional slackline set up above soaring skyscrapers and mountain tops, and you have a recipe for adrenaline. Here are the 5 awesome slackline videos to get your blood pumping.

Slackline World Cup 2011

The slackline video above gives a concise masterclass in what you can and can’t do on a slackline. What you can do includes flips, complicated turns, gyrations and other moves that end with you using different parts of your body to bounce on the slackline. He bounces off his chest, stomach, thighs, shoulders and everything else into a suitable trick position. The key is that, no matter how wild you get with your bouncing up and down, you always have to land on your feet – it’s not enough to just stunt. If you can’t return to standing formation promptly after you pull of a trick, it’s no good. That’s where the true skill comes in.

Slacklining Over A Canyon

While the Adrenalists in the slackline video above might be a little lighter on the whole stunting aspect of the game, slacklining is entirely different when you string that rope across a canyon. With a safety line securing them to their rope should they fall and literally drilling their slackline into the mountain rock, it’s easy to see that these slackliners have come prepared. The fact that losing your footing could lead to a moment of swinging above a canyon by a small rope only adds to the exhilarating nature of the sport.

Red Bull Airlines 2013

Taking your slacklining gear into the great outdoors isn’t the only way to approach the sport. Anywhere that you can string up your equipment is a potential area for you to start slacklining. At the Red Bull Airlines 2013, Adrenalists were looking for new places they could push slacklining, and Naples housed the main event. Some of the best athletes came out to showcase the depth and skill involved with the sport, pulling off the most intense tricks they had at their disposals.

Flight Of The Frenchies

“You can set it up anywhere and, if you’re with two or three friends, you can do loads of things,” says one of the Adrenalists in this slacklining video. This is the essence of slacklining. You can set up your line anywhere, bring anyone, whether they are uninitiated or advanced, and just have fun. The group of friends above, however, have a very specific idea of fun. That is, unless you’re dangling between skyscrapers, you’re doing it wrong. Watch as these daredevils make the most of their surroundings and slacklining equipment.

Rocky Mountain Highliners

If you’re going to slackline, you might as well do it big. The Adrenalist in the slackline video above, for example, decided that setting up, what one of the slackliners call, “the longest slackline ever,” was a great idea. That, it was, because now we have amazing footage of pure slacklining bliss. Watch as a group of slacklining friends attacks an 85 foot line and a 120 foot line with unrivaled balance and technique. Their unwavering balance is so solid that the movements of the line only make them appear to be dancing in the wind.

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