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Fat Tire Biking On Frozen Lake Michigan



Ride or die, Adrenalists. Ryan LaBar opts for the former, thank you very much, and he’ll do so on a fat tire bike across the frozen surface of Lake Michigan.

Which means, yes, dying is still very much in the cards. Seven inches of ice is all that separates LaBar and his fat tire bike from the weedy frigid depths, and that’s 7 inches of translucent just-frozen ice. It’s special ice; it’s a “once in a lifetime event,” explains filmographer Steve Casimiro at Adventure Journal. Usually snow piles on the lake, making it unrideable, or the ice hardens and thaws in cycles, clouding the frozen surface.

Not on this day in Jan. 2013, however.

“The sensation of riding that clear of ice was mind blowing,” Casimiro recounts. “You can see the ripples in the sand bottom, fish swimming under, air bubbles, etc. and it gives you a sense of flying, floating, soaring,” he tells Adventure Journal.

It’s a sensation not everyone gets to experience. On the way back to the shore, Casimiro and LaBar stumbled upon an abandoned snowmobile, keys still in the ignition, which had crashed through the ice.

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