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Wingsuiters Pull Off Stunning Flight Over Mysterious Nazca Lines



While Peru’s Nazca Lines are already known to be a beautiful example of human achievement, Jhonathan Florez and Cedric Dumont experienced their beauty from an equally extraordinary view: 8,000 feet overhead in wingsuits.

The legend of Peru’s Nazca Lines is more than one thousand years old. The ancient geoglyphs were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, and they’ve impressed historians for decades who marvel at the ornate figures etched in the Peruvian sand. The lines stretch from Nazca to Palpa, which is about 248.5 miles south of Lima, and depict geometric shapes, perfectly straight lines and outlines of various wildlife and animals.

These are the very same lines that Red Bull BASE jumpers, Jhonathan Florez and Cedric Dumont, flew 110 mph towards in their wingsuits earlier in May. Jumping from 8,858 ft, they soared for more than two minutes, and the two Adrenalists were able to take in the intricacies of the lines. In an interview with Reuters, Cedric Dumont said,”flying like this is just a unique experience. Having the opportunity to fly over the Nazca lines and flying over the lines… seeing every line and all these triangles, these trapezes, the thing is just insane. It’s the first time I think someone is flying in a wing suit above the Nazca lines and it is the continuity of the legend. For me this is a very unique experience.”

Jhonathan Florez’ and Cedric Dumont’s stunt truly encompasses the Adrenalist spirit. BASE jumping, wingsuiting and skydiving are a perfect way to see all of the work that went into these ancient spectacles, and allow you to truly appreciate what the human race is capable of. The Nazca Lines are merely marks in the sand from the ground, but flying thousands of feet in the air turns them into ancient works of art.

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