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Mich Kemeter Sets New Waterlining Record



After 20 attempts, Mich Kemeter shattered the previous waterlining world record – a record he himself set back in 2012.

Kemeter now holds the record for the longest waterline crossing ever – he traveled a distance of 250 meters. It was a feat he accomplished this past September, and it didn’t come easy. Over the course of 20 days at Green Lake in rural Austria, Kemeter tried and tried again to achieve the record. He lost his balance and fell more than 30 times, splashing into the freezing alpine waters over and over again. That, however, didn’t stop him from swimming back to shore each time. At one point, Kemeter made it to within just 6 meters of his destination before losing his balance on the canvas line.

On the 20th day, the day that Kemeter swore he would set the record, the daredevil acrobat made it all the way across. It was a new world waterlining record, besting the previous record – a record he set in 2012 – by nearly 30 meters.

Today, Kemeter has his feet planted on solid ground, but he isn’t done. Kemeter says he wants to tack on 10 meters every year to his record. By the time he’s 40, he’ll have to cross a 400 meter line.

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