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Snow Scooting With Fabien Cousinie



Cut your snowboard in half, screw on some handlebars and hop onboard. Try snowscooting and get your snowboarding, scooter riding and mountain biking fix all in one.

Black Mountain‘s Snowscoots cost between 1,161 and 2,190 Euro, but maybe you want to be the early bird and snag one before they become a worldwide sensation. Snow scooting is authorized at resorts all over Europe, but this unconventional sport has yet to really catch on in the U.S.

What you see above is probably the most professional snow scooting video ever shot. Featuring world snow scooting champion, Fabien Cousinie, and his friends scooting the snows of Tignes in France’s Northern Alps, this 6-plus minutes of footage does a good job showing us what the sport is all about: good, clean fun.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the riders have a bounty of fresh powder under their boards. We can’t imagine a snowscoot operates so awesomely when the snow is sub-par.

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