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“Straight Lines to Triple Corks” Showcases History of Snowboarding



Snowboarding has long-since moved past its humble beginnings. In its infancy, simply being allowed to shred a mountain on a snowboard was cause to celebrate; most skiiers groused about snowboarders impinging on their turf. After a while, it became increasingly clear to the extreme sports community that snowboarding wasn’t going anywhere. While the Skiing Vs Snowboarding debate continues, none doubt the legitimacy of snowboarding.

One of the most influential and important snowboarding organizations, the TTR/World Snowboard Tour, has gone into their archives and interviewed some of the biggest names in the sport to bring the history of snowboarding to life. The result of all that hard work editing their extensive footage from the early days and fielding interviews with some of the sport’s early and contemporary titans is a coherent and all-encompassing history of snowboarding. The best part? It’s now available to all of us, free of charge.

World Snowboard Tour released all five installments of “From Straight Lines to Triple Corks” throughout the month of March. Set aside some time, and check out this awesome five-part series on the history of snowboarding. You won’t be disappointed.

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