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Streets Turned Into Ski Slopes After Record Snowfall in Kiev



On the weekend of Mar. 22, 2013, almost 20 inches of snow fell on the capital city of Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine. A state of emergency was declared that Saturday and workers were told to stay home on Monday as many streets were still impassable in much of the city and surrounding area. Hundreds, if not thousands, of pedestrians were stuck for hours during their commute home on Friday night due to all the traffic jams caused up by the accumulating snow in Kiev.

The amount of snow that fell on Saturday alone was greater than the average snowfall in the Ukraine for the entire month of March.  The head of the Ukrainian National Weather Service, Mykola Kulbida, told The Australian the recorded snowfall was the largest in the Ukraine since weather records began in 1881. The situation became so bad, Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovich, signed a special decree urging all government agencies to assist Kiev in clearing the snow and avoiding the flooding that could follow.

Many residents of Kiev, however, made the most of their extended weekend and took to the streets to DO:MORE with all the extra snow, rather than malign its presence. Many actually flocked to the steep slope of the popular tourist destination, the Andriyivskyy Descent. Since the snow fell, the shopping area has been turned into a makeshift ski resort as snowboarders and skiers flocked to the sharp decline of the cobbled street in the very center of Kiev.

The fact that residents – unable to get their clogged cars out of the uncleared snow – took the opportunity to shred or glide a main drag in city centre, deserves a hearty shout-out. These Adrenalists turned a hectic storm into a fun-filled Monday at the slopes.

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