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The World’s Most Insane Rope Swing



With the advent of the GoPro camera and the creative minds of Adrenalists everywhere, the rope swing has started to pass from its infancy in the backyard to daredevil fare in the canyons where it can take all day to set up the swing, and where the jumps get more epic in scope.

Now, from the same people who dreamed up the human sling shot, and possibly the world’s largest rope swing, Adrenalists, Devin Super Tramp and Shay Carl, have another beauty featuring the same old rope swing you remember from your childhood. This one, however, might be the most gnarly of them all. Watch these guys dive hundreds of feet down the canyons and pull off some dizzying stuns.

The crew also uploaded a behind the scenes video where you can check out how they rigged everything up. They started things off hiking to the “jump spot.”  Once in place, they shot an arrow across the canyon to set up a slack line. There’s also a static line hanging down to one side. After each jump, they pulled the slack line to the side so the jumper could reach the static line. They jumped with ascenders so they could climb back to the top and take another terrifying and sweat-soaked 400-feet freefall plunge. On top of it all, they camped out for three days in 0 degree temperatures to complete the film.

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