The Adrenalist

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Learn What It Means To Live Unbound



If you wake up with nothing to look forward to, something needs to change. That is the LiveUnbound way.

Rather than remain content with his day-to-day life, LiveUnbound founder and award-winning video editor, Yali Sharon, made the choice to live every day unbound by routine. Yali’s goal was to live like every day might be his last day on earth. It’s a mantra oft-repeated by Adrenalists the world over.

Live Unbound’s first video feature a series of video sequences from those who dare to challenge the impossible, including ”Experience Human Flight” by Ossie Khan, ”Dreamlines” by Jokke Sommer, ”Roar Power” by Darren McCagh, ”Lacon De Catalonia” by ANTIMEDIA, “Solitaire” by Sweetgrass Productions, ”Alseseca River” by Twelve Productions and ”Wanna Ride” by Ahstudio.

The protagonist in the video is anyone who wakes up in the morning ready to DO:MORE. All of us are capable of living life unbound. Join Yali on his adventure, as life is too short and unpredictable to do otherwise.

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