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Torstein Horgmo’s Snowboarding Documentary



Over the past two-plus years, few riders have had more success on the mountain than Torstein Horgmo. In 2010, the Norwegian shredder landed the first triple cork ever. In 2011, he won Big Air gold at the Winter X Games. In 2012, he landed one of the first true backside triple cork 1440s ever attempted in competition. The judges gave it a perfect 50/50.

As any true rider will tell you, however, snowboarding isn’t about perfection or standing on a podium; it’s about having fun. Horgmo knows how to do that, as you can see in the teaser for his upcoming documentary Horgasm: A Love Story.

The doc traces his life on and off the mountain over the past two years, from the parks in Europe to the pow in the Americas to the nightlife and gas stations in between. Filmed and edited by his buddy Tobias Froystad, Horgmo says Horgasm will feature a 50/50 ratio of snowboarding to life. A different kind of perfection, perhaps?

Horgasm: A Love Story will be available via iTunes and DVD on October 31.

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