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Urban Skiing



When you think skiing, you think mountains, snow and the great outdoors. You think of chairlifts, skiing lodges and other traditional devices and structures that resonate with the winter sport enthusiast. Maybe you think of trips to Vermont, Utah, West Virginia or Colorado, waiting in line to climb the mountain. What you do not think of, however, is anything having to do with cities. Yet, a few brave souls decided to take their skiing talents to an urban environment, and the result is a revelation.

We always think of cities as brick-and-steel places for people to live and work, but they’re environments in and of themselves. In this video, the skiers put railings, the sides of buildings and giant staircases to work as stand-ins for the mountain. The falls are a little harder, and there are other obstacles to skiing in a place you’re not supposed to, like the police, for example, but some of the tricks these guys pull off wouldn’t happen anywhere near a regular skiing mountain.

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