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Aymar Navarro survives massive avalanche with ABS airbag



Only one thing stood between life and death for backcountry skier, Aymar Navarro, after he triggered a massive avalanche: his ABS avalanche airbag.

Without the airbag, Navarro would be buried deep under the shelf of snow that slid out from under him. Avalanche air bags work, and the devices have a positive impact on avalanche survivability. Under the 10 ABS survival-principles the company states that people who use its airbags survive 97 percent of the time when they deploy the device during an avalanche. People who don’t wear airbags survive only 75 percent of the time. Navarro is now living proof of this.

Avalanche airbags may increase your chances of surviving a deadly slide, but nothing will keep you safe and able to ride another powder day like avalanche awareness. Before you hit the backcountry this winter, consider taking an avalanche education course. Check out to find a course near you.

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